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Digital Media with Youth - New Skills for the 21st Century
Project-based arts, media, and technology programs, with academic support, are encouraged to help young people gain skills that prepare them for college and tomorrow's workforce. Support for this priority area is provided by Nettrice Gaskins, adjunct faculty and computer arts academic specialist, UMass/Boston and Mass College of Art; board member CTCNet and NAMAC.

Nettrice's Full Bio. Nettrice R. Gaskins is the teacher and designer of this web site. Nettrice has been doing computer animation since high school in Kentucky. Back then she was using Macintosh and Amiga computers. When she graduated from high school, she got a full art scholarship to attend Pratt Institute in New York City and another full scholarship to attend the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She majored in computer graphics at Pratt and art & technology at SAIC. Today, Nettrice wears a lot of hats. She works at the Massachusetts College of Art and teaches multimedia & media literacy at UMass Boston. She has been teaching and working with youth for 14 years. Nettrice's online portfolio is NetArt <<Click Here

Nettrice was a CTC VISTA Project supervisor at the BNN Multimedia Center, from 2003-2004. She worked with Derek P. Hixon, a former VISTA, and ran digital art/media classes for Boston-area youth.

Digital Media. Digital media encompasses digital video, digital audio, the World Wide Web, other technologies and applications that can be used to create and distribute digital content.

Digital media represents a significant change from previous media technologies. Post-production of digital media is often cheaper and more flexible than of analog media, and the end result can produced indefinitely, without any loss of quality.

Furthermore, digital content can be combined to make new forms of content. The first signs of this are visible in the use of techniques such as compositing, sampling, and remixing.

Today, the term digital media has replaced multimedia, a once ubiquitous term that refers to the use of several different media to convey information (text, audio, graphics, animation, video, and interactivity). Multimedia was part of the trend of digital convergence that included computing and communication.

Participation. It's important to introduce people to the process of making digital media, not just how to use the tools and applications. Digital art and media making addresses both visual and media literacies, as well as using software, computer technology, and digital equipment. There are many ways to communicate, share, explore and brainstorm ideas, including the Mixx & Mash Blog, a Discussion Forum/Bulletin Board, and, of course, a mailing list/listserv provided by CTC VISTA (for VISTA workers).

Overview. In August 2005, VISTAs attended an overview of the digital media for youth priority area, led by Nettrice R. Gaskins, as part of the CTC VISTA Project orientation. Attendees received a handout during the session. The materials introduced digital media and youth development, including examples of computer animation from the Youth at Art Tech summer class at the Mass College of Art. This class was also taught by Nettrice.

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