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New Skills for the 21st Century.
Project-based arts, media, and technology programs, with academic support, are especially encouraged in helping young people gain skills that prepare them for college and tomorrow's workforce.

Support provided by Nettrice Gaskins, adjunct faculty and computer arts academic specialist, UMass/Boston and Mass College of Art; board member CTCNet and NAMAC.

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Digital Media
Youth (Development)
  O'Reilly Digital Media Site.
General resources for digital media.

  DV Creators.
Great resources for digital video production.

  Mac Music Makers Central.
Upload and share your music.

  Multimedia Open Source Apps.
A pretty good list of open source applications for multimedia (digital media) makers.

  Atomic Learning (online).
Free or low-cost tutorials.

Positive Youth Outcomes.

Youth programs need to be youth-centered, meaning young people are actively involved in all aspects of programming.

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  Training Youth

Want to know how to get started?